May 11 2013

Taming Data with .NET Business Intelligence Reporting Tool

Business Intelligence Reporting tool

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ASP.NET Business Intelligence reporting tool provides extensive OLAP, visually enhanced features and BI characteristics with sophisticated ability to integrate with any available data source available on web. .NET BI tool maintains Silverlight, Windows forms, and .NET expansion through single element. There is a single controlled and easy to program charting, pivot table creating, and data visualization capabilities integrated with this application. Discover information through intelligent drag and drop user based function, that will also give facility of sharing investigated results in the form of excel based reports even in offline mode. The flexibility feature provided for data integration gives access to its users to take care of relational data in different forms and varieties. It also offers basic maintenance for SSAS also called SQL server analysis service and customized interactive MDX based queries.

Crucial Characteristics of ASP.NET Business Intelligence Reporting Tool:

  • Easy functionality

No need of writing code to extend and organize a complete BI solution with OLAP and visually enhanced capabilities.

  • Multi platform support

It performs in similar way irrespective of different platforms like, for Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET.

  • Improved data visualization

With improved data visualization function, the .Net business intelligence reporting tool provides various visually enhanced features like pivot table, graphs, charts, and many more , in just a single click.

  • Interactive and easy to use interface

Create unlimited charts, each having different utility and method of presentation.

  • Export data in MS Excel format and share

Take investigation that occur in the application and export it in the form of excel format, thus, sharing will also get simplified and quick.

  • PDF Export

Convert analyzed data of PDF in ASP.NET, and Silverlight projects. It also consists of many added features like, exported PDF files with a password.

  • Get access to print, copy, and screen reading functions.

  • Provide a title, author, topic, and keywords.

  • Setting page layout and printing alternatives.

  • Editing Scheme

Create schemes or edit existing one through schema editor. Employ it to generate fresh schemas for XML and relational data resources. Features consist of:

  • Viewing query fields and schema fields in panes will help in quick understanding of the scheme formation.

  • Clicking on field will help in displaying and modifying scheme elements.

  • Generate calculated fields quickly by dragging field into expression.

  • Organize fields in sub-folders through view folder options.

  • Undoing error through Undo tab.

  • Ongoing mode for easy investigation

Ongoing mode  makes it easy  to treating numerical or date related  elements, easy to track gapping elements in information , and viewing a bigger data group without any need to scroll page , these all attributes  helps in finding ways that are difficult to locate.